Domains Dispute Alert: A federal court in Northern California has awarded $33.15 million in a default judgment to Verizon Communications in what the company is calling the largest cybersquatting judgment ever

May 20th, 2010

Today, over at, an article was posted, noting that a federal court in Northern California awarded some $33.15 million to Verizon Communications in what is being called the largest cybersquatting judgment ever. The award amount was calculated based on $50,000 per domain name across 663 domain names registered to OnlineNIC.

Verizon had filed the case against OnlineNIC, a San Francisco-based Internet domain registration company, claiming that OnlineNIC registered exactly 663 domain names that were chosen to be easily confused with legitimate the legitimate Verizon Communications brand. Read More »

Domain Disputes Alert: Australian Political Party falls prey to a repeat cybersquatter

May 20th, 2010

Over at the Sidney Morning Herald, Cameron Atfield wrote yesterday regarding the newest transgression by a known cybersquatter. The Australian, Liberal National Party (LNP) has been set back by a notorious cybersquatter who has purchased two prime pieces of Queensland political online real estate. Both and have been registered to ‘Wayne Smith’ of Brisbane, Australia.

Wayne Smith is the same person who gained notoriety as a cybersquatter in 2006 when he registered hours after Steve Irwin died on September 4th. Smith operated, as what looked to be a tribute site to the Crocodile Hunter’s 8 year old daughter; but the site was actually linked to anti-Israel propaganda and included the names of israeli federal government ministers. Smith also owns and More on that story here. Read More »

Cybersquatting, Domain Dispute & Trademark Resources

January 8th, 2009

All About Cybersquatting: Our cybersquatting attorneys can help you with whatever cybersquatting or domain dispute issue you may be facing. An experienced cybersquatting attorney can help you understand and remedy your domain dispute. Contact one of our Michigan trademark registration attorneys today for a free evaluation or call us toll free at 866.936.7447.

Here are a list of essential resources which you need to be aware of in analyzing any cybersquatting issue. There is considerable confusion about how trademark laws work and how they relate to the issue of cybersquatting. If you are a victim of cybersquatting, or have been the subject of a threat letter alleging that you are infringing someones common law or registered trademark rights, contact a cybersquatting attorney to better undertand the applicable law and your legal options.

All About Cybersquatting & Domain Name Dispute

January 2nd, 2009

about_cybersquattingAll About Cybersquatting: Many companies know little about Cybersquatting & Domain Name Disputes until they get a customer complaints.  Quickly realizing that the complaint is related to a web site domain name controlled by a competitor or unrelated third party which incorporates the company trademark.

Cybersquatting Lawyers Understand the Problem & Solutions: Cybersquatting has become rampant in the internet economy.  Diverting web traffic from established companies is a huge problem. In order to fight the problem of cybersquatting, clients need to retain trademark attorneys who know (1) about cybersquatting  (2) the tools necessary to monitor and track cybersquatting and (3) the remedies available through the Uniform Domain Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA).

Cybersquatting & Domain Dispute Laws & Domain Trademark Rights

January 2nd, 2009

Welcome to the ultimate cybersquatting and domain name dispute resource blog sponsored by Traverse Legal, PLC, internet law, domain name, trademark & cybersquatting attorneys. Contact a cybersquatting attorney to receive more information concerning your domain name or cybersquatting matter.

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